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Boys Coach:


Girls Coach:


  • Parent Meeting: Thursday, March 1st at 5:30pm in gym classroom

  • Tryouts: Monday, March 5th at 3:15

  • Girls participate first followed by boys in all events.

  • 1st game begins at 5 pm

  • Order of Events: shot put, long jump, 60, 100, 1600, 400, 4x100, 800, 200, 4x400

                                        Track Schedule




Monday, April 4th

   Legacy vs. Avalon (Home)

Wednesday, April 11th

   Union Park

Wednesday, April 18th

   Discovery vs. Timber Springs (Home)

Wednesday, April 25th

   @ Corner Lake

Monday, May 2nd

Trackfest @ Showalter. (ONLY athletes/relay teams meeting qualifying times/distances compete). Tues. May 8th and Wed. May 9th