Our purpose is to provide Rigor, Reading, Relevance, and Relationships for all students during their four years in high school. We seek to make your learning experiences both challenging and memorable.

Within the pages of the OCPS curriculum pages are course descriptions for every learner and every interest. These courses are the stepping stones to your post-secondary future whether it is technical school, community college, a four-year university or the workforce. All paths start with the steps you take through your four years here.

We are very proud of our school and the many challenging academic courses we provide our students. Please read through this guide carefully. Check out all the wonderful programs, discuss your future plans with parents, teachers, and counselors, and then choose those that assure you the most opportunities for a successful life here during high school and beyond.

ELA Curriculum

Math Curriculum

Science Curriculum

Social Studies Curriculum

Health & Physical Education Curriculum

Visual & Performing Arts Curriculum